Solar Energy To Save Electricity Cost

Solar Energy To Save Electricity Cost

Hey! Do you know that solar energy is a way to take advantage of sunlight and convert it into safe electrical energy for our homes through solar panels?

But how does solar energy help us save energy?

Solar energy is one of the most renewable and readily available sources of energy. The fact that it is available in abundance, free and that does not belong to anyone makes it one of the most important and steady sources of energy.

Although in the beginning (as in during installation / set up) you will need to make an investment in solar panels, the reality is that in the long term we can recover, and by far, the money we invest.

Let me give you a clearer example of how solar energy helps you save energy, say that in your household, $ 2,400 is spent annually in the payment of energy, with the average increase that this resource has had in 25 years, you would be paying about $6,000 annually for energy consumption.

This expense can be reduced considerably with the installation of a solar panel that will also last us at least 25 years without generating any problems, or further expense on energy consumption.

Here, let me show you the potential of our solar technology and some reasons why we recommend generating your own energy in your home or business:

1. The price of electricity continues and will continue to rise
You should know that the price of electricity in many Countries and States increases on average between 6 and 9% annually, this is a function of the increase in the price of fossil fuels.

2. It is one of the safest and most profitable investments that exist, they have a better return than investing in the stock market or silver. Solar panels also increase the surplus value of the property where they are installed.

3. The government has fixed encouraging steps economically for the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies in homes and businesses.
If you own an establishment or a company, by investing in this type of technology, you can enjoy depreciating 100% of the investment in a single fiscal year. This is an added value to your income.

4. For generating electricity in places far from the CFE (Commission of Federal Electricity) grid.
It is much cheaper to generate power with solar panels than with a diesel generator, especially in some American countries.

5. Environmental benefit: By generating your own energy through photovoltaic solar panels you avoid CO2 (Carbon dioxide) emissions into the atmosphere. CO2 emission into the atmosphere can impact human health as breathing sort of becomes difficult if CO2 levels rise.
The larger amount of the electric power supplied by the Commission of Federal Electricity to our homes and businesses is generated by burning fossil fuels, which generate greenhouse gas emissions, these emissions, in turn, heats up the earth surface and causes global warming.

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